What We Do

Administer World Campus

We are responsible for and support all aspects of the operation of World Campus and work in partnership with academic units to deliver Penn State undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs to learners at a distance.

About World Campus

The multiple units within Online Education hold immense expertise and breadth of talent in the subject matters required for providing higher education to adults through online delivery. From accessibility and reciprocity regulation compliance to student services targeted to address the many challenges meeting distance learners, we strive to stay at the forefront of innovative design and programming. The reach of our impact is proven by the numbers of Penn State graduates who have come to be due to the possibilities delivered through World Campus.

World Campus upholds Penn State’s tradition of quality, offering the same rigorous Penn State undergraduate and graduate degrees, taught by the same Penn State faculty. Additional benefits provided by World Campus include students’ abilities to use their course work to meet their work responsibilities, to gain worldly perspectives from classmates on current challenges in their job, and to demonstrate to employers that their education can expand their competencies and professional potential immediately.

Quality and Flexibility

World Campus is nationally recognized for the quality and flexibility of the programs it offers. Students can expect the same high-quality, academically challenging courses as those taught in residence. Similarly, the credits students earn through World Campus are the same as those earned at other Penn State campuses.

Partnership with Academic Units

World Campus is a special mission campus of Penn State that works with academic units to develop and deliver Penn State undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs to online learners. Penn State academic colleges retain academic authority while University Policy AD55 designates World Campus as the single delivery unit for programs offered at a distance. The strength of this model is the partnership between the academic units and World Campus in delivering high-quality online programs to learners at a distance.

Work with World Campus

Faculty members interested in working with World Campus should first discuss the idea with their department head, associate dean, or dean. You can review the steps in the World Campus Program Intake Process on the Proposing a Program Idea page

Student Surveys

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